Krista Clausen Assumes Leadership Role as New CEO of Minneapolis Warriors Football

Minneapolis, MN - The Minneapolis Warriors Football team has announced a changing of the guard as Krista Clausen, former team president and owner of the Minnesota Machine women's football team, takes over the role of CEO. Clausen will be succeeding the team's founder, Aaron Anderson, who has decided to step down after years of dedicated service to the organization.

Clausen's football journey began as the owner of the Minnesota Machine, a successful and competitive women's football team in the region. Her ability to build a winning culture and strong team dynamic was critical to the Machine's impressive performance on the field. This experience in the world of football, combined with her extensive business background, makes her the ideal candidate to continue leading the Minneapolis Warriors.

Joining the Minneapolis Warriors initially as an athletic trainer, Clausen quickly established herself as a valuable member of the organization. Her dedication to the sport, passion for the team, and talent for identifying potential in both players and staff, made it clear she was destined for a more prominent role within the team's leadership structure.

In 2022, Clausen's hard work and commitment paid off as she was promoted to team president. Her tenure saw the Warriors make significant strides in terms of on-field performance, community engagement, and strategic partnerships. Under her guidance, the team continued to grow and establish itself as a force to be reckoned with in the league.

Aaron Anderson, the team's founder, expressed his confidence in Clausen's ability to lead the organization in a statement released by the Warriors. "Krista's dedication to the sport and her commitment to fostering a winning culture make her the perfect choice to continue our vision for the Minneapolis Warriors Football team. I am confident that she will not only continue our success but also take us to new heights."

As CEO, Clausen will be responsible for the overall direction and strategy of the Minneapolis Warriors Football team, both on and off the field. Her priorities will include recruiting and developing top talent, building a strong brand identity, and forging new partnerships that benefit the team and its community.

Clausen's appointment comes at an exciting time for the Warriors, who are looking to build on their recent successes and further strengthen their position within the league. She will also have the opportunity to champion initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in the world of football and encourage greater participation from women and underrepresented communities.

The Minneapolis Warriors Football team, its players, staff, and fans, offer their heartfelt gratitude to Aaron Anderson for his vision in founding and building the organization. As they look forward to a new era under the leadership of Krista Clausen, there is great excitement and anticipation for what the future holds for this beloved team.

About Minneapolis Warriors Football:

The Minneapolis Warriors Football team is an independent adult football organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Warriors strive to not only be successful on the field but also contribute to the community and promote a positive image of the sport. The team is dedicated to providing opportunities for athletes to pursue their passion for football while fostering a culture of excellence, integrity, and respect. Through community outreach, support of local initiatives, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Minneapolis Warriors Football team aims to be a positive force for change in the world of professional sports.