The Minneapolis Warriors have won the 2022 USA BOWL, National Championship

Daytona Beach, Florida. (January 15, 2022) - The Minneapolis Warriors have defeated the Detroit Ravens 16 to 13 in the most exciting finish in franchise history, winning the USA Bowl Semi-Pro Football National Championship.

For the first three-quarters of the national championship game, the Minneapolis Warriors went scoreless against the Detroit Ravens 13 to 0.

Entering the fourth quarter, the Minneapolis Warriors secured a safety that gave them their first two points of the game. This proved to be the momentum shift they needed as they proceeded to score 14 more unanswered points to win the national championship game 16 to 13. Securing their spot as the number one team in the country.

Key plays on defense and special teams proved to be the formula in securing the Warriors' comeback victory. In addition, big runs by running back Isaiah Sims (who also scored the go-ahead touchdown) and exceptional quarterback play in the fourth quarter by Warriors quarterback Ja'Vonte Johnson.

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