Warriors come back and defeat Omaha for 25th straight victory

Minneapolis, Minnesota - Once said by the late, great Ronnie Gamble, "It wasn't pretty, but football ain't supposed to be pretty" and it's the perfect quote to describe yesterday's Warriors' victory over the Omaha Stockmen.

Outside of an opening drive interception by DB/WR Nathan Raggs (his second of the season.) During the first half of the game, Omaha's offense was proven to be a difficult challenge for the Warriors as the Stockmen pushed their way downfield twice and scored 13 unanswered points.

Then, in the first drive of the second half, Warriors Quarterback, Ayrton Scott finds veteran Wide Receiver, Riza Mahmoud on a deep touchdown to bring the game within one score.

As the second half carried on, the Warriors started to click and would have good fortune go their way, as Omaha muffed the Warriors' kick-off after their first score of the night. Then, the Warriors quickly scored again as QB Scott finds WR Mahmoud again for their second touchdown connection of the day, bringing the game to a 13-13 tie heading deep into the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter, the Warriors and Stockmen both traded scores; as QB Scott finds Wide Receiver Jauhem Byrd for his third passing touchdown of the day, and with that final touchdown, the Warriors were able to pull ahead as kicker Michael Hoberg secured the single extra point that would ultimately defeat Omaha, 20 to 19.

On the final drive of the game, Omaha was once again on the move; however, and drove down the field, but was denied, as linebackers Josh Vaughan and Aaron Taylor forced Stockman Quarterback, Jayden Swensen to fumble in that final drive, securing the Warriors' victory over the Omaha Stockmen and the Warriors' 25th victory in a row, dating back to May of 2019.